Sunday, December 30, 2007

Picking a Ring Wrap/Guard/Enhancer that fits!

Picking a Ring Wrap/Guard/Enhancer that FITS! Donna T’s Jewelry is very proud to offer one of the best selections of ring guards on the Internet. Our beautiful enhancers have thrilled many customers that wanted to spice up their engagement rings. But buying a wrap on the Internet is not always an easy thing to do. With today’s many different diamond solitaires styles, fitting the solitaire can be difficult. The most common question I am asked, sometimes several times a day, is “will this wrap fit my (.50 round, 1 ct marquise, 2 ct princess, etc.) solitaire?” That is a very hard question for me answer, especially without seeing the solitaire. So I have devised this guide to help you choose the perfect enhancer for your ring. First of all, the size or cut of your diamond has less to do with whether your solitaire will fit than the mounting. The mounting is everything. About a decade or two ago practically every solitaire purchased had a tiffany mounting. It is still the most popular mounting. These lucky ladies now have the easiest solitaires to fit in a wrap. A tiffany mounting has 4 or 6 prongs and holds the diamond high off of the band, high enough to the see the point through the prongs. Here is an example: All you have to do is measure the diamond at the base of the mounting and if it is less than the width of the gap of the wrap you are buying, then it will fit. The only consideration will be if the wrap you are considering has a deep mounting that will require a longer thinner solitaire. For example, if the wrap you are purchasing sits off of the finger more than 3 mm, your mounting must be thinner than the gap all the way up 3 mm from the finger. A variation of the tiffany mounting that seems to confuse some customers is the flush mount. This mounting is shorter than a tiffany mounting even though it may have the 4 or 6 prongs. The diamond on a flush mount sits directly on the band. So if the wrap sits far off of the finger your diamond may bump into the sides of the gap. So make sure that when you measure your solitaire mounting that is it thinner all the way up to the distance that the wrap sits off of the finger to get a correct fit. Most of the other mountings can be very tricky to fit. One wrap that is most difficult to fit is the cathedral mounting. This mounting usually combines a tiffany mounting with side accents of gold that go up to the side of the diamond. It almost looks like supports on either side. Example: With a cathedral mounting, your best bet for a good fit is an insert style wrap. That is the wrap that has gemstones above and below the solitaire as opposed to either side. You insert your solitaire between two rings that are connected on the shanks by gold bars. Example: An insert style wrap is also best if you have any side stones beside your center diamond. Again, you have to measure the WHOLE mounting and not just the diamond to determine if your ring will fit. If the entire mounting is too wide or too thick it will not fit the gaps of the insert. And it is possible with a cathedral mounting that the side bars will stick up further than the rest of the insert. There are hundreds other lesser known mountings commonly used today and custom jewelers create new ones every day. The important thing to remember is that you need to measure EVERY part of the mounting to see if they fall within the parameters of wrap to determine a good fit. One last thing to measure is your band. Some wraps will encase the whole solitaire and that includes the band. Instead of wearing two rings, it appears you are only wearing one ring. Example: In this case, the inside of the guard will have a groove for the band of your solitaire to fit inside. Make sure that your band is not too wide to fit inside the groove. The good news is most of the time your jeweler can adjust a wrap that doesn’t fit, but not always. Simple side wraps (gemstones on either side with a gap in the center) are very easy to adjust as all the jeweler has to do is cut the bar and either lengthen or shorten it. They can also add or remove a V shape to fit marquise shaped mountings. This should be an inexpensive process. However, if your band is too wide or the wrap has bottom AND side stones there may not be anything he can do for you. The most important thing to remember is to measure EVERYTHING to make sure your solitaire will fit within the measurements of the wrap. It is very disappointing to the buyer and seller when the guard doesn’t fit and must be returned so please measure first, and ask questions if you aren’t sure.