Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Top Jewelry Trends for 2015

Before you think this is just another shameless plug for my products let me just start by saying I don't have all of the latest trends in jewelry.  There, I said it.  But we are feverishly working on providing these for our customers.

With this said, I did discover this past weekend what is predicted to be the hottest jewelry trends for 2015.  I had better get on the stick if I want to provide my customers with the best selections of the hottest products!

The top trend in engagement rings continues to be the halo ring.  For those of you unfamiliar, the halo ring is a ring consisting of one large gemstone surrounded by smaller gemstones.  The purpose of this is give the larger gemstone the appearance of being even larger than it is.  It doesn't matter what shape the center stone is, if it encircled or surrounded closely by smaller gems then it is considered a halo ring. The halo setting is also popular in earrings and pendants, too.


Another hot trend for 2015 is monograms.  Monograms look fantastic in a big pendant and are the perfect way to personalize a gift.  Of course, since each monogram must be made after ordered, this item as a gift will require a little forethought to get it in time.  But it is a perfect gift for any occasion from a bridal gift to a birthday!


Have you heard of a thread ring?  This is another hot trend for 2015.  A thread ring is made in very simple geometric patterns and are lined with gemstones.  The X ring is hot but loops and S shape rings are also very popular.  The look is young, fresh and contemporary and probably here for a while!

These are just a few of trends you'll be seeing this year. Now, I had better get busy and find these for you!